Fabrication and Site Services UK and Site are financial experts that understand the need to acquire equipment quickly and
efficiently... especially when dealing with the logistics and shipping industries, and more recently the self storage industry that
has exploded globally around the use of shipping containers.
Our shipping container rent to buy scheme can get your finance structured to accommodate shipping  containers for domestic
self storage operations.

Shipping container rent to buy scheme is available for steel shipping containers, and converted containers for self storage our
program is the best option in the industry:

Samples of what we do...
• 8 ft, 10 ft, 20ft, 30ft, 40ft, 45ft Shipping Containers
• Specialist builds ( your design )
• Refrigerated Shipping Containers all sizes
• Self-storage Containers
• Mini Storage Container (see our site
• Flat Rack Containers 20 Foot, 40 Foot
• DNV off shore containers

Why might you need finance on a container? Simply, for a single purchase most people don't  the value of one container is
low enough that it can be funded from cash flow or a credit card. However for multiple units this may not be possible. Typically
multi unit purchase is not for onward resale - commonly it's for the build of new yards, storage facilities or similar developments -
and here lies the key to finance.

In these difficult times it might seem that getting finance for almost anything is going to be hard, not least a shipping container.
But like most other durables, containers are an asset - and therefore can be financed just like most other assets.

Whilst traditional banks will offer asset based finance or lease hire for things like cars or vans they may shy clear of
containers. Certainly certain finance methods such as contract lease, contract hire and operating lease are less applicable as
generally there is no expectation that the asset (the container) will be ever be returned cars for example are generally handed
back to the finance company after a certain period of time and a new lease taken on a more modern vehicle. Nevertheless there
are a number of lender who will provide finance for container purchases.

So what's the advantage of asset finance over a traditional loan? rent to buy scheme
In a word - cost. A general purpose business loan could be used for many things; a lot of which do not involve an asset or involve
assets that on purchase immediately loose a huge percentage of value. For example consider a mezzanine floor - uninstalled it
might be worth thousands, but once it's put in site it's worth is negligible as taking it down, moving it and re-fabricating it exceeds
the worth of the parts.

When you secure your loan on a tangible asset the lender knows they've got a lot better chance of getting some money back if
you default. Therefore their risk is lower and consequently they can offer a better percentage rate.

As ever it's key to shop around and to go to specialists - and turn to the internet to find the best deal! You need to work with a
lender that has experience of container finance as it's a niche market - but these lenders will have a far better understanding and
consequently be able to offer the best loan rates.

Quite simply like this: you chose your container types be it one or a hundred makes no difference the rate is the same. The
container has a value at the time of purchase that value is set by us based on our sales price on the day. We only supply full
specification containers through our partnership with Multiboxx Limited in China. See their website at a
partnership that has ignited the container sales world globally.

Every container we “rent to buy” is a new one trip full specification ISO shipping container and is checked cleaned and ready
to use on arrival. See site for samples.

The rental is set at a rate per week Monday through Sunday and remains the same if you rent for 1 week or for 3 years at any
time you can buy the container(s) from us at the rate set at the initial rental date.

What's the benefit ? well the benefit obvious answer is cash-flow, if your expanding, new start up or just need rapid space finding
a large sum of money is not always easy.

Terms and conditions, (copies on request), all transport costs from our depots to your location and one months rental up front on
each container. This is followed by monthly direct debits for the rental fees.

In the event of default all containers will be repossessed and all costs and recovery charged against the renter.

This may sound harsh but in an uncertain world with finance houses struggling, this is an opportunity to have quality shipping
containers in volume without having to invest many thousands of pounds initially perfect for expanding your business.
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